Editor’s Preface
Olga USENKO, Chief Editor

Chief Editor

Transcending Opportunities

The hot-button issue of Ukrainian reforms, the speed of their implementation and selective nature is a matter of fair concern for internal investors and the outside world. While two years ago we were prepared for rapid "shock therapy", today's market realities resemble more a sluggish recreation. Romantic hopes for a fast recovery turned into pragmatism backed on today`s needs and tomorrow`s challenges. We have of late been observing how legal market players try to manage risks and turn them into opportunities. These reveal themselves in new types of services, customized solutions and flexible pricing. Seeking to diversify country risks Ukrainian law firms go further by opening offices in other jurisdictions. A notable shift in the vision of relationships with clients occurred when counsels not only follow but lead clients.

When I ask Ukrainian legal market players trivial questions like "Who are your clients?" and "What percentage of your workflow is generated by other law firms?", this often reveals a big mismatch of workflow source and marketing efforts. Many Ukrainian counsels realized that establishing strong contacts with foreign law firms brings more opportunities and is a prudent and calculated investment in a sustainable strategy.

In terms of fierce competition and shrinking market, the fourteenth edition of Ukrainian Law Firms. A Handbook for Foreign Clients examines recently adopted law and its practical implication, impactful projects, legal market features and lawyering throughout the performance of various legal actors. Ukrainian Legal Market produces useful analytics, interviews with some headliners, systemizing facts in a compact seamless text.

Up-to-date opinions and observations on the state of play and law-making achievements from the leading market players are published in Practice Areas and Industries Review.

The story of every single counsel, practice area and industry snapshot are provided in essence at the Who is Who in Ukrainian Law section. The surveys traditionally reveal different competition segments of the market, and determine bold insights across track records, expertise and individual visibility.

We have spent more than a decade establishing targeted distribution channels among general counsels, business leaders, governmental officials and lawyers from abroad. Our gratitude also goes out for information support and advice to all our partners, contributors, longtime friends and readers of the Handbook.

Our editorial remains abreast of change. The on-line Handbook is available at www.ukrainianlawfirms.com and www.issuu.com.